Hi, I'm Harry. I'm a web developer with experience building and maintaining websites and apps using a wide range of technologies, both frontend and backend. I love learning, especially about technology and I'm currently looking for my first opportunity within the web development industry.

My Main Skills

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Here you can see 6 of my side projects. To see the code for more of them head over to my Github.

If you want to see the apps that require sign up/login without signing up you can use the details:
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Full Stack
Web Development Quiz project screenshot

Web Development Quiz

The user can register/login, then answer 10 questions about web development. They receive a score when they finish the quiz based on the number of questions they answered correctly and the time taken to finish the quiz.

Whilst building this app I learnt more about how to connect to a database and perform CRUD to build operations on the database to build register/login functionality. I learnt more about using the Context API within React to share data between components and about how to deploy a website using Firebase.

Technologies Used

HTML icon Javascript icon Semantic UI React icon React icon Firebase icon
Astronomy app project screenshot

Astronomy News and Search

This website lets the user view the current and previous NASA Pictures of the Day and search for astronomy related topics using the NASA API. They can also search for and view the latest astronomy news using the Spaceflight News API.

Building this app gave me experience using a component based framework other than React. I learnt more about using Vue and Vue Router and also about connecting to/querying REST APIs for data. I also gained experience using MaterializeCSS and its class based CSS styling.

Technologies Used

HTML icon CSS icon Javascript icon Materialize icon Vue icon
Pexelact project screenshot

Greek God List

With this app, the user can register/login and view information about various greek gods. It also features an admin only section where an admin can create, update or delete gods from the database.

I deployed this app to Heroku and learnt how to better structure a project for deployment as well as how to use the Heroku CLI. I used the MERN stack for this app which taught me about how to connect React, Node.js and MongoDB to perform CRUD operations on a database as well as building register/signin functionality and give special permissions to a admin.

Technologies Used

HTML Icon CSS Icon Javascript Icon Material UI React Icon React Icon Node.js Icon Mongo DB Icon
Travelling Photos gallery project screenshot

Transport For London Information

This app allows the user to sign up/login and then view pollution levels, plan a journey to and from London and view nearby taxis within London on a Google map. The data displayed on the page is from the Transport For London API.

I learnt more about using Node.js and MongoDB to create sign up/login functionality and how to use Redux and Redux-Thunk middleware for async/await operations and to pass retrieved data from redux to React components. I used Tailwind CSS for the styling and learnt how to install and use this html class based styling library.

Technologies Used

HTML icon Javascript icon CSS Icon Tailwind CSS icon React icon Node.js icon MongoDB icon
COVID-19 project screenshot

COVID-19 Information

This site connects to an API to retrieve data about global and country specific COVID-19 cases. The user can select a country from a dropdown menu and view the number of recovered, dead and active COVID-19 cases in a chart made with Chart.js. A Google map also displays the location of the country the user searched for.

Whilst building this app I learnt more about accessing REST APIs with React Redux and axios as well as how to format data for use with Chart.js and google-maps-react. I also learnt how to use SweetAlert2 to attractively style alert prompts and how to use semantic-ui-reacts' component based styling.

Technologies Used

HTML Icon Javascript Icon Semantic UI Icon React Icon Chart.js Icon
AWS-Anagrams project screenshot

Entrepreneur Anagrams

I made a site similar to this one as part of the AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications course on Coursera. I adapted this one however so the user can view anagrams of entrepreneur's names and click on one to view the real name and companies they have founded. It connects to an AWS API and Dynamo Database to search for and return the appropriate entrepreneur.

I learnt to use S3 with Cloudfront to host a website as well as how to connect an application frontend to AWS. I also learnt how to use Lambda functions to populate and retrieve data from DynamoDB with the API Gateway and use AWS IAM to securely manage access to AWS resources and services.

Technologies Used

HTML Icon Javascript Icon SASS Icon React Icon AWS Icon


If you want to get in touch, you can email me here or contact me using the form below.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio and I hope you have a great day!

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